PO Box 353, Camptonville, CA 95922, US

(530) 913-9939

FunGal woman owned and operated, with the help of some FunGuys!

About Me

What I do!

FunGalFarm cultivates culinary mushrooms, Oyster and Shiitake. My mushrooms are cultivated in as natural a setting as possible. Shiitakes are log cultivated and Oysters grow under cover outdoors. I harvest small batches and deliver within 24 hrs of harvest. Providing the best wild crafted product possible. I also forage what only mother nature can provide which is what initially led me to cultivating. I just love mushrooms! 

Why include Mushrooms in your diet?

Healing, Healthy, Wholesome food. Mushrooms are magnificent! I eat mushrooms every day if not three times a day but you don't have to- just consider including them once or even twice a week in your diet why? Mushrooms are low in calories, cholesterol free, fat free, and low sodium. They contain many of the same nutrients as meats and grains. If you dry Shiitake mushrooms in the sun gills up the vitamin D content is fa-nominal!

Say hello or ask a question!

Email is the best way to contact me fungalfarm@gmail.com please be patient I check emails 3-4 times weekly and often late at night it may take me a day or two to get back with you. In addition to managing a farm I am also a proud mother of two amazing boys-they are a full time job in and of themselves!

Find us out there

Look for us at select locations.

FunGalFarm supplies Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co. in Nevada City(Amazing Food and Beer!), The Stone House Restaurant-Awesome Brunches and what a great place to book an event, Heartwood Eatery for their Miso Soup, Natural Selection and Mother Truckers, SPD Nevada City Market. Looking forward to supplying Ridge Cafe and Wild Eye Pub. Our Farm to fork-Support local movement is on fire! Thank you all.